He was dangerously close to me
N I could sense his strong cologne
N it attracted me, and I knew I was losing my senses.
The stars above us danced in the dark sky
And there was tension between us.
He let out a warm hot breath
Oh gosh ! I was literally on a dancing fire death.
He invaded my mind , mumbled to stay put and leaned closer to me.
Our bodies pressed, his lips inches from mine , his dark grey warm eyes boring into mine
As if he was trying to read my every story , trying to memorize them all.
I was scared..not because he would hurt me but because he had that strange mystic aura ,the calm before the storm the grey kaleidoscopic eyes and I am always lost at them …trying to understand this every shade of grey.
He put his arm around my waist and pressed us closer.
N then what happened next was the sweetest addiction ever.
His lips brushed against mine , slowly and gently ..sending shivers down my spine.
It felt so good yet so wrong.
I allowed him to explore more and I savoured him equally.
He tastes like citrusy undertones.
And I ache to taste him more…so I press him closer whilst my hands search up his lost soft blonde hairs.
It was midnight summer day
The day I would never forget
Slowly ..he pulls us apart …n I can see his glistening eyes and his tempting lips
And I couldn’t think anything rational other than his lips
Those lips ,toxic to mind jus like drug
Giving shockwaves through my body
The paralyzing euphoria.
While I come back to senses ..i see he is long now gone
N now I couldn’t think of any reason to leave him
Boy! I am lost at your eyes, flushed cheeks and cheeky smile
I am lost forever for finding you.
PS: I know its a lil sensual .. N I have tried it 1st time. Hope u would like it.
Also I am so sorry for not updating …
NEET is 4 months away n I am having a tedious schedule
Anyways that’s it !
Hope u guys are good !! 😇😇 



Calmness came over me when a sudden summer breeze hit me.

Oceans, filling my ears with nostalgic voices.

A bliss of solitude is now all I wish

I want love .. For that is what is a miss.

I know I wont stay long .. I wont cast long

All I can hear is the melancholy song

The sun was setting , falling yet to rise again .

Walking on summer beach , leaving footprints everywhere.

Darkness was creeping in …. Both outside n inside my soul

But I know, when the dawn will arise


MeEnakshi .

P.S i wrote this when i first started to understand the depth of LIFE , LOVE , BETRAYAL ,HOPE n at the touch of these feelings ..i dont know when .. I became a versatile person .


He misses me, it’s been a long time
He does it when he pierces his notebooks stained with blots of black n blue
N that reminds him all the write ups I gifted to him, n den he tear the pages out of frustration.
He misses me , I can clearly say
He does it whenever he sees the shades of black n grey ,a reminder of musky moods Everytime I showed to him. It reminds him of my dark deep eyes n he misses my magical eyes more often.
He misses me when he stirs his coffee mug
While he starts reading any fantasy fairytales
While a girl takes out her dress and he reaches for her, his hands waving a lil denial n his heart suppressing the longing for my naked soul.n I know he misses me.
The longing grows inside day by day like a bonsai tree.
Something natural yet stunned
Something beautiful yet dangerous
Snipped n pruned carefully
Seeing it doesn’t grow outside it’s box. Not allowed to put down roots.
He’s probably in bed by then… Drifting off to sleep murmuring my name
And here I walk with my eyes to the ground,that’s scattered with autumn fragile leaves ..jus like our relationship.
I know he won’t reply me anytime soon. N even I won’t show my concern anytime soon. But as the longing for each other is deep down true, we would surely meet when the night turns blue.


P.S : approved by bharat upendra …. thanks a lot bhaiya 💫💫

Hope u would like it ..see ya !!!


What is goin on ? My thoughts,oh my thoughts !! I am not able to control myself. I dont even know what the hell i am thinkin . One moment i would laugh like a loon and the other moment ..i lay down and cry for long hours. My chest hurts ,hot tears spill from my eyes, n i dangerously lick dem to see if they also taste bitter jus like my LIFE. I honestly didn’t wanted to experience these heartbreaks, these frusrations at such a tender age ,where i should be smilin twinkling like a star. I dont want to be STRONG! I am tired of pretendin that i am strong . I lay in darkness until my tears dry .

And suddenly it happened.

I picked up the scissor and tried to make a deep cut. NO ! I dont want to kill myself., But that pinch against my skin for 5 mins calmed my soul and agony in my head and heart.

Should I be ashamed ?? No !! I feel good …!! It takes courage for a person to face everything with a smile even if ur world is upside down . Ok !! I know i am not proud of what I did, but at that moment that cut made me feel like yes !! I can do it !! I can acheieve my aims .. I am not a coward .. that cut is the reminder of how strong I am ..n how far I will go n how hard I will try to fulfil my dreams ! Cz yes! Nobody forced me to do it ! It was my descion ! So hell yeah !! That scar, that cut ,that tattoo pushes me into unknown boundaries n I can hear it scream to me :

“Dont reach for Stars darlin ..ur more than what u think n u deserve better !!! ”



Once as a child, I always had this fascination for fairytales . Havin read many of them with the same happy endings lead me to conclude that everyone in this world gets the same experience in their lives. These concepts , I held onto them while growin up. Always believing that there would be someone of some sort destined for me. Never did it occur to me at the time that it wasnt as easy as each story would make it appear to find this” happily ever after” that they always put at the end of every story. How would we even know it was the ever after? Is it where everything is really supposed to end? reality hits hard when we come across the unspoken things left behind the fairytale. The unexpected heartbreaks, the struggle of getting back up and finding ur way, the questions of lost trust , the fear of fallin again and starting from scratch , to find or to wait. The feelin of frustrating u get, the world in its continues spin and u fear of not being able to catch up n missing the opportunity of meeting whom ur supposed to meet. In reality u will jot be slaying dragons or fighting evil queens. In reality ur not guaranteed with fairy godmother’s help. But despite knowing all these , we still cling to the adorations of these stories. Why ? Because they fuel us to believe that despite everything there is always something good in store for us no matter what happens.!!